Haas VF-22 hi-res gallery

Congrats Haas you've went from last in the WDC in 2021 last year to first in livery reveal (though obviously not the final product as parts of the livery and such can be changed before the pre-season testing. Crofty surely must be excited to celebrate this achievement for Haas right?

Crofty somewhere probably: AND LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE HAAS GO FROM LAST IN THE WDC IN 2021 TO FIRST IN THE 2022 REVEAL... HAAS WINS THE TEAM REVEAL CHAMP...ionshi... you know what their is barely a difference between this and the 2021 model. Well this is surely disappointing. What say you about this? Ted over to you.

Ted probably: Well Crofty I think it looks amaz...

Crofty probably: I'm gonna stop you right there.

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