The hacks are real! IW should address this ASAP before it gets worse

I don’t understand the music one. I can listen to music from my tv/home theatre speakers while I play Xbox, and while not playing games. Using Spotify.

As far as hardware upgrades, that is defiantly a preference, as I actually get the consoles because I don’t want to have to deal with switching out parts. Especially since typically consoles do a lot more with less power than pc does. You get more bang for you buck with consoles then with PC, even with paying for the 60$ a year online fee. Even more so if you throw in the perks of Games with gold.

You say Pc doesn’t need backwards compatible, but I know of a growing problem where pc games are having more and more trouble playing games that were originally released on Pc. Requiring user patches just to play them on newer hardware. That’s a headache i never experience on console.

Comp scene is on console, fortnite being a big one. And people are competitive on those games on both pc and console, such as overwatch, smite, apex, and R6S

Also the Xbox one X is offering the choice on some games to choose between graphics or performance, just look at borderlands 3.

What do you mean by look at something your friend sent you? You can see messages and soon to be pictures in the messages on Xbox, and we have a internet browser if someone really wanted to open a email. And considering you can use keyboard and mouse on Xbox, it makes it a pretty viable option.

Less game and game genres is a problem defiantly. I love the age of empires series, and I don’t want it to be on console, Cause I do believe it’s a keyboard and mouse only game, don’t want the sacrifices that halo wars had to do. Typically there are a lot of games exclusive to pc, but same can be said for consoles. Mostly just PS now, cause Xbox is bridged to PC.

I think PC is a great place to play games, and honestly for most games it absolutely the best experience you can get, cause of the hardware. For me I am a simpleton and I started on console and I like the simplicity of it just loading it up and quickly gaming. Mostly just relying on Microsoft to update my shit for me and not hunt down driver updates or whatever. It’s a simpler way to game at a few costs as you stated. But I do find the biggest negative to Pc gaming for me is cheating. And your right, it’s not like it’s very prevalent, but it still sucks to have to deal with.

I don’t think people pick console because of the safer servers or anything, I think they just like simple couch gaming entertainment, and that’s me for sure

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