Of hacks and helplessness: a story of just how much help you get from Gaijin when you really need it.

As for screwing up, I cannot see how that is the case, just as I have already outlined in the original post. The information of my account was never shared by me, nor was my account used by anyone else with my permission. I just don't see the logic - if a crime is commited against you, you are responsible for it. It's kinda like saying that if a woman gets raped, its her fault - shouldn't have been so vulnerable. I would like to her you arguing that in a court.

As for the can of worms, I think this issue is much easier to resolve than you think. If a guy applies for a refund, I think 99% of the time it can be determined whether he is just trying to fuck the system. I mean, even when I was trying to log the game said that my account is already being used from elsewhere, so apparently there is some form of log in register on Gaijin's side, which should make the deal much easier. On top of that, a 3 minute look into my account's history could beyond any reasonable doubt tell you that the actions that were commited by the hacker were not my actions. They didn't even try, they didn't even try to give the impression of trying. It would go the same for all rollback requests - if you look at the actions that the person is asking to rollback, and his past history, you can easily determine whether it is a valid request or not. If, for example, a guy has a history of buying silver lions for GE, and then one day he says my account was hacked, and the hacker did those exact same actions that I might have done myself in that exact same manner except that it wasn't me - no one would blame Gaijin for not interfering. That would take like 3 minutes. In my case, a very brief look would have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that my account was indeed hacked. Sure, this system might take a bit more time and resources, AND IT WOULD ALSO SAVE THEM PAYING CUSTOMERS AND HELP BUILD A REPUTATION OF A COMPANY THAT GIVES A FUCK. Do you think I myself am going to spend an additional penny on any of Gaijin's games? Or advise my friends to do the same? They decide to save time and money on my account - fine, you won't see a single fucking euro of mine or my friends' money, or any money of those people that might have been encouraged to try War Thunder or any other of Gaijin's games, but now will be told to stay as far the fuck away as possible from them. Hope it is worth it.

As for police - no, Gaijin is not the police. Gaijin is basically the god of the system. It is their game, and they have absolute and total control over it. And even if we were to accept your example - even if the electronics shop wasn't the police, but still had the ability to help me in a certain way - say provide certain information about the eletronics that were stolen that might help track down the thieves, but gave me the finger, I believe no one would say that they were acting right. Same here.

A person broke their rules. Nothing gets done. Why have them if breaking them has 0 consequences? For a show?

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