I had an abortion at 27 weeks. The House 20-week abortion bill feels like a slap in the face.

This idea you people have, these defense mechanisms that you throw up - the kind of dishonesty you have to engage in by misrepresenting HER post and instead attack me for NOT mispresenting it...

You gotta figure that shit out. If you REALLY have no problem with no limitations, it means you "accept" the right of a woman to, up to the date of birth, decide she doesn't want her kid and kill it.

At some point it becomes, without a doubt, a human being. There's an argument to when that is - but guess what? It's before a week or two before due-date.

Wake up, sanctimonious reading-comprehension challenged dipshit, I can be pro-choice and still think "no limitations" is fucking stupid because it allows for what is, in the end, the murder of a fully formed human. Doesn't mean it will happen - but you know what? Just like my rights are limited in 1,000 ways to make sure you're safe - my speech can't incite violence, for example - I think it's fine to say, at some point, without medical necessity, rape, incest or molestation... there comes a point when it's too late to back out and you deal with your shit.

And no limitations means no limitations. No spin on your part changes her stance. And you will not convince me that aborting late term is a good right to have.

Yes, at some point, you have to attach value to that life in the womb. I'm sorry, but you do. And no limitations means this woman would have no problem with someone else killing a 39 week old baby FOR ANY REASON.

That's not morality. You will not convince me otherwise. You will not convince me that we do not need protections against assholes willing to kill a fully-formed human for the sake of their convenience.

NOT for medical necessity, rape, etc - since you're reading-comprehension challenged.

But for just saying "eh, don't want it."

And don't tell me "eh,. don't want it." is never part of the picture. We have parents that abuse their kids, kill them - the idea that some woman just says "eh, fuck it" is alien to you?


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