I had an abortion last year and I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself.

She murdered her own child. Not saying she should feel guilt, but that is what she did. Rationalize it all you want but that.

I don't know your gender but imagine this: you and your significant other have been trying for a baby for whatever, one year. She becomes pregnant, you're overjoyed. You come up with name ideas, paint the child's room, whatever. Then, when she's six weeks pregnant, someone punched her in the stomach on the streets as that someone is running from the cops and she loses the baby. Then, in the hospital, she's told " The six week old isn’t experiencing memories or consciousness. " How fucking absurd it is?

For OP I suggest you accept the reality that you murdered your child, and be happy that you didn't probably ruin your life by having a baby at such a young age before you had the chance to become a responsible adult. If you would have given it up for adoption anyway, then don't sweat it. That's not a good life, regardless of what people say. Perhaps have a few kids in 10 years, when you'll be able to provide a better life for them.

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