I had to friendzone my bestfriend, now neither of us have friends

Warning: Describing my sexual experience as a man.

Absolutely. Especially when we are looking to "take control of our everyday lifes". Then we have way too easy to slip into attitudes that require a lot of monitoring if we wish to interact with others. I still love my sexuality when I'm more focused on selfexpression and identity. Like, right now I have an imagine of a drawn woman in a rainbow dress sitting on the moon as my phone background, and I love it and I feel like the image is a deep part of my identity. But once I begin wanting to "feel the rush" and physically experience my sexual desire, sometimes it brings me a lot of misery because there's just too much mis-timing and harmful attitudes of various sorts. For example I might have seen a hot woman irl who aroused me and then develop a fetish for being shamed and submitted due to that would be the way she would react if she knew, which in turns brings me sadness and depression. And that's a good scenario, what's even worse is when men develop fetishes being dominant, I tend more towards being submissive because that protects femininity and womanhood, even though it still doesn't fully protect it.

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