Had the most ridiculous, laughable experience with a makeup artist this past weekend. Here's my story!

Yikes, things are getting thrown out of proportion. I promise you I said nothing prior about doing it myself to any of the hairdressers or makeup artists. I couldn't have because I had no idea what the look was going to be. I had just driven three hours to the show and was actually almost relieved to just have someone else do it. Initially I was put in a chair with a hairdresser. We talked about ombre and the Spice Girls and elementary school and it was going swell. We had a lot of time to talk, because she broke four hair ties and kept having to redo it. It was taking a longer than normal amount of time for just a mere ponytail and she was then approached by her superior about what she was doing and then refused help from an assistant. All I then said was, "Maybe the hair ties I usually use will help since they're thicker. Do you want me to flip my head over and do it?" She told me no, it was her job, took my hair tie, put the ponytail in. She said the same thing to the assistants. The ponytail fell out half an hour later.

When I went to the makeup artist's chair, I said absolutely nothing other than how's your day, yadda yadda. I sat through quietly as the guy poked me in the eye over and over. I mean, you can't really talk much when you have two people doing things to your face. All I said when I saw she had DipBrow was, "Oh hey is that DipBrow, I have the same stuff and I love it, I can do my eyebrows myself if you want, I do them all the time and I'm kind of OCD about them." To which they then got angry at me.

I was by no means prancing around telling the artists I was better than them, being a bitch with an attitude, etc. My interactions with them were limited at best. I did not intend to come off as someone who thinks they're better than someone who has a professional license. However, I do not take kindly to someone insulting me and giving me an incredibly subpar result.

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