Had my account compromised after a hacker used a keylogger on my pc, which I have removed. He has submitted an account recovery form. There's no chance they actually approve this... right?

I've done everything I can possibly think of to get this account back, I've used all my backup emails my phone and I KNOW the password but it just keeps saying it can't verify its me. Over and over. The only option it gives me is an email to the very same email I'm trying to get to. Why not my other 2 backup emails? Why not my phone number? I have literally went in circles and circles. That's why I used the disabled one and why I'm asking about a form now.

I looked at your link and it doesn't ask me ANY of those things. It simply just says it wants to send and email to the Gmail I'm trying to get into and that's it. No more, goodbye. I waited over a week to try again and still it did the same thing.

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