Had one of these for dessert: Fiber One chewy cookies for 130 cals each, $2.72 per box on Amazon!

Not sure if the reason for choosing the Fiber One is to get some fiber, and I was curious to see how it compared to other cookies like the Chips Ahoy, from a calorie and value perspective. Here is Fiber One Soft Baked Chocolate Chunk vs. Chips Ahoy Chewy Chocolate, from the information on the packages listed on Amazon:

Both are the same size 31g cookie, so it makes comparing easy.

Fiber One: 130 cals, 5g fiber, $2.78 for pack of 6 cookies

Chips Ahoy: 140 cals, 1g fiber, $2.83 for pack of 36 cookies

There's not much difference in calories. Does the Fiber One taste better? I've never tried one before. However, you get a lot more cookie for the dollar with the Chips Ahoy, and only incremental higher calories.

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