I had a revelation.

That is absolutely not true. I can wreak almost any boss with active attacks and shit mostly dies to my 3 jump attacks when I get into their face.

And to me I think jump attack spam is pretty chessy so I usually avoid doing that, and I also struggle to land them. I prefer my previously tried and true method of laying into a boss, dodging an attack, and laying into them, rinse and repeat. Elden Ring bosses don't allow me to do this, instead I have to wait for them to provide me an opening and then I only get one poke off before they initiate another long combo. And if I try for more than one hit they use a hyper armor attack and then they take initiative.

But my advise is instead of shitposting why not be humble and ask for advise, its not hard

And this really isn't a shit post, it's just a conclusion I came to and it has made me enjoy Elden Ring more. I just recently beat Margit with my passive approach and I had a lot more fun with this fight than my previous playthroughs, and infact I now like Margit a lot more as a boss now. I now think Margit is a pretty good boss especially for the tutorial, and I think he's now my 3rd favorite tutorial boss, with him replacing Gascoigne.

And I really don't need advice, I can beat these bosses, I have multiple times before, it's just I don't find them all too enjoyable, or at least I didn't previously. I even did the illustrious task of beating Malenia solo, it's just that it never felt as fun as bosses in previous FromSoftware games. Instead of joy and satisfaction I got frustration and annoyance. Now with my more passive playstyle I am getting that joy and satisfaction from beating these bosses, I'm no longer getting as frustrated or as annoyed when fighting them. My experience has drastically improved since I started adopting a less aggressive approach. However I still want to be aggressive at times, but it feels like I must suppress this urge.

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