I had to try to kill myself before my husband understood the impact of birth control

I meam he cheated and you gave him a free pass, it will happen again.

Leave him as you should have done long ago.

One of my friend has a iud rod and makes the place too noxious enviorment for a child to grow but it also killed her progrestrone levels and caused her breast to shrink.

So the abnormal progrestrone values could be reason for hormunal imbalance which can cause depression.

My friend also said it made her feel more masculine.

Shes about to switch birthcontroll when shes next time at doctors i dont know what tho might be birth controll pills instead that increase progrestrone levels and make the body belive its already preganant.

Downside with those are increased aptite and sweet cravings but gives you wellbeing feeling.

I can ask her next time which iud rod she has

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