Had a wage negotiation with my boss this week, think I nailed it.

Never said I came from a wealthy family, merely that I was around wealth and have seen the unhappiness and destruction it's left. Childhood friends I grew up with whose lives were torn apart by their folks "keeping up with the jones". To be fair most Americans are very foolish financially, most people don't understand debt or the danger of compound interest. I don't entirely blame them, we are bombarded by consumerism brainwashing to buy shit we don't need to impress people we don't like. Been there done that no thank you, I'd like a more fulfilling life. Trying to hit the next target and buy the next toy is exhausting. Like I said earlier it's a rat race and everyone who is in the race won't see it for what it is while they are in it. You're going to be absolutely miserable if you don't find a company that treats you well, (unless you started a family) you have other options. If you started a family well you signed up for that so best of luck hopefully you find a company that doesn't abuse you in relation to your income.

I'm currently unemployed and the reason I'm doing okay is because I am frugal and didn't waste a dime on luxuries. I learned responsible financial habits at a young age and had to work for anything I wanted therefore I learned the value of money in relation to time. I've even paid for my college and bought my car outright debt free. Many of my friends on the other hand are always broke because they believe they are entitled to spend every dime they make for their "happiness". It's my belief they will always be broke, even if they won the lottery I am very confident they would be broke within a few years. I've tried to help with practical budget advice but no one wants to hear it. Anyways to end my rant we aren't guaranteed time, just look at the Germanwings flight. It is my opinion we all should reconsider where we are going and enjoy the journey because we might not always have time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Take care.

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