I Had A Yard Sale... - HERMITCRAFT - EP78

The more I think about it, the more I dislike this, to the point of starting to dislike Keralis.

Instead of working with and around the space occupied by the other hermits, he's literally paving over their work to make his own happen. He's done it to Beef all season, starting with the shipwreck, and now smashing his base flat.

So, when I get the world download to Season 7, I'm not gonna see Beef's Hacienda. No huge-ass dinner table that makes you look like a child. No back room where he dropped anvils on Etho. No 'duplication' machine where his skinless double episodes happened. Nope. Gone.

If he was some mad genius like Scar, it would be more understandable, but it isn't his work - he's basically using his fan server to crowdsource his builds to the point that I don't know how much of the work here is actually his.

So, the place where so many of Beef's episodes were staged will be gone, replacd by a big flat-ass empty unused airport filled with Keralis' Patreon supporters' builds, where no Hermit story arcs will occur. Yeah, it'll be impressive to fly over, but so what?

Count me as not a fan. And this episode was entirely a set-up to stage it happening.

I seriously wonder if there's some pecking order where Keralis gets what he wants and Beef has no say, because I can't imagine this ever happening to Grian, Scar, or Etho's bases if they were that close at season start.

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