"haha, you won but still -25"

You got 5 lps which shows that you frequently abandons the game. And iirc you can leave one game per week and you will not get lp for that. You are getting punished not for playing bad but for leaving the games and I am sure you have pretty unstable internet judging from no. of lps you got. Yes, you won one game but how many times your team loses because you left the game because of your internet, consider that also. Since I am from SEA I always check if my internet is stable before playing the game, you can just make empty lobby and play for 10 mins before playing dota. I also had game where someone leaves for five mins and came back realises that he got abandon and they proceed to feed still we won somehow.

There is no actual solution for this, you can say add feedback at end of game but I am sure people will ignore it. And some people will probably give false report (member people used to report famous streamer and techies players). So sadly there is no solution for this and this system is probably best now.

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