Hair, Skincare, and Fragrance - January 31, 2019

My nighttime skincare routine is about that of a standard Korean skincare routine: * Exfoliator - I tend to do this every 2/3 days covering face and neck with a physical rather than chemical scrub as my skin is quite sensitive to compounds like glycolic acid. Right now I am using the Clarin's Men Exfoliating Cleanser. * Cleanse - Every night face and neck. I'm using the Clarin's Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed for normal/combination skin currently but have used the Simple face wash from time to time. Whenever my skin has a breakout I use Pond's Institute Pimple Clear after the cleanse applying directly to wherever needed. * Toner - Using the Nivea Refreshing Toner to hydrate my skin after washing. Cotton pads aren't accepted in recycling (don't own a composter either) where I'm at so I'm looking for a mist toner at the moment to cut down on waste. * Serum and Essence - I have a sea buckthorn and rosehip oil serum I use on my face daily to help balance the skin and control any redness but from time to time will incorporate another serum or essence depending on the situation e.g. I have a lotus oil face treatment for when my skin is oilier than usual. * (From time to time) Mask - This is where I vary slightly from the routine as I often don't use a mask (I know I should lol). Usually don't use sheet masks for the same reason as the cotton pads but I can't deny how fresh my skin feels after, especially when they're chilled * Eye cream - Using L'Oréal Revitalift. Never too early to start using eye cream imo. * Moisturise - Using an Aveeno moisturiser but am looking for a proper overnight moisturiser atm. ALWAYS, and cannot stress this enough, moisturise face AND neck.

My morning routine is pretty different: * Cleanse - Usually just with water or a light cleanser if my skin is oilier than usual (will usually use toner afterwards). * Eye cream - Trying to incorporate this in. * Moisturise and SPF - Speaks for itself really.

I guess if I had to give my piece on skincare (though by no means an expert) it would be: always always always ALWAYS always moisturise face AND neck, do all the heavy duty stuff on a nighttime, use SPF on a morning and eye cream is best used when it is preventative. Treat skincare as an investment.

With fragrance, I've been rotating between Terre d'Hermès, Wonderwood by CDG and Gucci Guilty Black; I have used Wonderwood almost daily over the winter but with Spring (and Summer) approaching I'm gonna probably transition more into the Hèrmes.

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