Hairdressers of reddit. Do you notice when your clients are not happy with their hair but are still trying to be polite? What do feel in these moments?

Every time I've gotten a haircut I always think my hair looks like shit when the person is asking me if I like it. It's a combination of the lighting, it being new to me, my hair being blowdried, and however the person decided to style my hair with whatever products. I have literally never in my adult life been happy with how my hair looks immediately after getting it cut. The next morning though, after I've showered and towel dried my hair? Yeah then it looks fantastic.

I always lie to my stylist and tell them that it looks great but maybe they can see my blank facial expression. Is there any way I can convey to them succinctly that I'm sure it'll look great *tomorrow* just not right now?

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