Halloween Extravaganza 2017 Edition [Masterthread]

Because I'm nuts, I decided to try knitting a version of Katya's yellow "ugliest drag" dress (since I don't know how to crochet) with two days to spare before her & Trixie's Halloween show... I can't believe I managed to [actually finish it] in that amount of time (https://i.imgur.com/nLKNZyQ.jpg)– I slept about 2 hours total between Sunday morning & Tuesday night at the M&G, and was basically delirious when I got there.

I did the M&G and actually ended up on Katya's instagram (!!!!) but I waited to post anything here until after it disappeared because I ran out of time to properly do my hair & makeup and my lack of sleep/general stress level translated into me looking & sounding like an idiot in the video, haha. I was so spacey that at first I didn't even realize she was recording, I thought she was just taking a picture

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