Halo Infinite Beta coming first to Xbox and later to PCs.

Yo buddy, it's not my holier then though attitude. It's the fact that you can't stand people who have standards.

I'm not ruining your fun in any way and I am in no way a PC cultist. I just remember when games were made for nerds and not the average gamer, we went from 8 weapon carry to 2 in halo. AKA we went backwards in time to cater to the reflex challenged console gaming masses of the globe, so yeah I'll be a little bit bitter that I watched stupid gamers like you enter the hobby and standards of game quality be lowered to lower the barrier to entry to cater to people who suck at games and wouldn't know a quality game if it bit them in the face.

We now have quake champions with lootboxes and mtx, not the future PC gamers in the 90's were expecting not expecting their fellow gamers to be so mouthbreathingly retarded that they'd let corporations steal their games and keep buying drm + mtx infested games thereby ruining the hobby for many of us.

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