Halp! I really want a Caya diaphragm, but I'm in the US and they're not sold here yet!

Not at all!

From /u/joetheyfit, who appears to have deleted his account - but he runs TheyFit, a company that makes many different sizes of condoms. He's much more familiar with the 'why' than I am.

it's done with good intentions. Condoms are regulated medical devices, so each regulator (the FDA in the US) specifies the standard of testing that every condom available for a US citizen to purchase in the US must satisfy. That's a great thing, and should be applauded. However.. the way the FDA specifies its testing (related to another body called the ASTM) means that only certain sizes are cleared for sale: length minimum 160mm, and nominal width 47-57mm (until 2008 this was 50-54mm, which is why Magnum is 54mm). Now in Europe, the medical regulator does exactly the same - dictates what tests any condom must pass before being allowed for sale to a European citizen (there are 500,000,000 people in Europe!). But the way they do the testing allows for many more sizes: lengths 80mm up to 240mm, nominal widths 41mm out to 69mm. The tests are still tough, arguably tougher than the US - it's the way the testing is done that results in many more sizes being available.

Ironically the FDA restricting sizes in this way means a fair proportion of American men just cannot legally buy a condom that is the correct size for them.

Trojan 'Magnum' condoms are the same size as regular condoms. They're 4mm wider at the tip, and the same exact size at the base, which isn't really any bigger at all.

I struggled with the condoms I have access to in the US for years. They are all the same size, or slightly smaller than that.

Having the right size makes an incredible difference. No more broken condoms, no more slipping off because they're too tight, no more painful compression. Having the right size is so much better and safer and more comfortable.

I wouldn't really be able to practice safe sex at all if I couldn't have these shipped in illegally from Europe. I hope the FDA fixes this problem soon.

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