Why hamas is allowed to be on twitter in the first place?

What? People can Google. And as for how words influence actions, please read about “Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines” the charming radio station that pre social media just broadcasted “innocent” stuff, like some Hindu nationalists now post on social media. “ Fun fact” that was in 1994... so two years AFTER the first well known in the West, though not first barbaric Hindu nationalist mob attack:


Rwanda is now a peaceful and for Africa successful country and the violence is now gone. Yet some Hindu far right. With the silent support (as in no prosecution) of the Modi government are still at it in 2019.


Another “fun” fact. Israel is supposedly so anti Muslim, yet... historic mosques are not the target of the far right in Israel. So please, at least until Modi is in power and Hindu radicals are beyond any justice, don’t trigger people with such posts.

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