'Hands off': Canadians protest developments in Venezuela

Stop deflecting would you prefer canada to act in this case and alleviate suffering or would you prefer canada to have a "a concrete foreign policy"

Would you trust Russia to distribute aid in Ukraine? Would you trust China to distribute aid in Taiwan? I wouldn't, because they're obviously bad faith actors. America is a bad faith actor in Venezuela. I'm sure I don't need to tell you who Elliot Abrams and John Bolton are. Backing their play is ridiculous.

The world would be more willing to believe Canada's efforts were in good faith if we could demonstrate a history of neutrality and selfless aid. Instead, we watched what happened in Iraq, Libya, and Syria and we're lining up to do the exact same thing.

I personally don't doubt your sincerity on the issue, but c'mon, we're not going to put ourselves on the line to fix a corrupt, semi-functional democracy a continent away.

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