It happened

Ok but Leffen complains about things both ways. He essentially complained that not enough was changed in the last patch, and too much was changed in this patch, despite the fact that the changes in this patch were what he wanted.

I don't think anyone would disagree that living in Sweden is more difficult for Smash than living somewhere else... but what would you have people do? We can't have every discussion about Leffen end with 'but he lives in EU so nothing matters.' He's a top player just like Wizzrobe or anyone else, and as such can be directly compared.

Also- Leffen will flaunt anytime he does well and still try to john about the things he had to work past. Like you can guarantee he would be all over on Twitter about top 8 in two games if he did it, but we're all just supposed to shut up when he drops out?

Leffen lashes out at people, gets in Twitter arguments, etc regularly. You can see just from his general attitude why people tend to have less empathy for him than someone like Armada.

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