It happened to me: Partial power failure on takeoff

I've watched several videos on establishing at least getting the nose down to decrease AoA. Those other items are definitely going into my emergency checklist and I'm going to chair fly them and practice with my CFI once I have my PPL to make sure it's a reflex and not a reaction. Every second counts in that situation.

I definitely see that point, our thinking was is that since the roughness had subsided, we wanted to circle and gain altitude within gliding distance of the airport. Even if we had to circle back down because it quit near the airfield, we would have had an assured safe landing. At least that was our thinking in the moment. Thankfully, there are enough fields in our area that we were okay with the risk of full power loss because we knew were flying in familiar territory.

Good learning there on declaring w/ engine trouble. I had suspected ATC declared for us when I saw the fire trucks on the ground. Great point also about taking off and not knowing a condition exists. When in doubt, declare (Especially w/ engine troubles!)

Thanks for offering some wisdom today!

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