Happily divorced people of reddit, when did you realize your marriage was over and it was time to file?

My medication turned me bisexual. I was confused and scared of this side effect and consulted my doctor, a sexual therapist etc. who all said "it's OK to be gay". No, it's not fucking OK when you're married with four kids.

The meds also made me numb down there. When she thought it was her fault for me not being able to enjoy sex, I told her about my worries and the side effects. She threw a fit and asked me "why the hell didn't you tell me you're gay before we got married?" She wouldn't believe me when I told her I'm not gay, it's the medication that's causing it. I never ever had any kind of homosexual desires, but now with the start of the medication I had started to have. Mind you, I never ever cheated on her or have laid with a man. These were just feelings I was really worried of.

One time during sex, the normal way as we always did, she started crying and told me "Sorry, you're too gay... why didn't you tell me you're gay, I'm sorry." That was the last time we had sex. I just couldn't after that, I was so ashamed.

She soon started sleeping with other men. I knew about it, but I was too scared she'd divorce me if I "realized." One time she got a text message and I proceeded to check who it was from (we both did this and neither of us had a problem with this before). She jumped from the living room to pry the phone off my hands and quickly deleted the message.

Next day I get a phone call at work. "You're leaving now. Find yourself a place to stay. Pick up your stuff and just go." For couple of nights I slept on friend's sofa then managed to find a place in a week, took my stuff in, my life being in absolute shambles. All this because she couldn't get over the fact I had these weird feelings - I never even once cheated on her.

When I'm back in shape and off SSRI's and got better medication, she had the guts to tell me how I was the best father for our children, how sweet person I was and she wants me back. No, sorry. If you can't accept me how I am, I don't want to spend my life with you. I fucking told you you're making a mistake here and now you want me back?

After we had lived separate for two years, I could legally divorce her and so I did. If she would have been more open-minded, this would never have happened.

I'm now living with someone more tolerant.

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