Happily married RP guys - What do you think are your chances of avoiding divorce rape / becoming second choice?

For me, 100%. If the thought of cuckolding me ever crossed my wife's mind, she knows I'd divorce her, and not only that, I'd dictate the terms of the divorce, which would be quite fair, mind you, but would include zero alimony and zero child support, and I'd be taking primary custody of the kids. You see, I'm prepared to go scorched earth and take the kids and go live in someplace nice and warm like Cuba if she went the route of trying to cuckold me and not accept my divorce terms. And, I've demonstrated my ability to do such in the past by taking the kids for surprise week-long vacations without telling her where we're going (all kinds of fun levels of dread happens when you do that with the kids, and the kids think it's a fun game to make mommy play the guessing game when she starts texting them asking where we've gone). The key here is financial independence. If you haven't achieved financial independence yet, you need to work toward that. I know that at any point in time, I'm under five hours from exiting the country with my kids and my investments and cash reserves are enough to float us indefinitely except in the most expensive of locations (like Dubai). Another major factor is insisting upon having a wife that can stand on her own two feet. I'd never, ever even consider having a housewife for a spouse. I've encouraged my wife to develop her own career, and education (which she's paid for herself, by the way), all along and am very proud of her for her accomplishments. I know a lot of you guys think that having a wife at home is the real alpha thing to do, but that's just bullshit, you can avoid divorce rape much better by having a wife that can support herself than you can by having a wife who's financially dependent on you. And, having a wife with a successful career makes a far more interesting partner who brings much more to the table than a boring housewife ever could. So, we have to pay for a maid to clean the house, big fikin deal. So, anyway, divorce rape isn't something I live in fear of, it's something I scoff at as something that only the weak fall to.

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