Happy 420 Everyone. What's the craziest/wildest/weirdest experience you've had that involved marijuana?

Years ago, my cousin lived with us and she and I would smoke on occasion. We had an upstairs balcony, which was perfect for smoking and just relaxing.

So one night we were out there and after she rolls up the blunt and hits it, she passes it to me. I take a few hits then pass it back to her. She walks off and smokes a little more while looking out into the neighborhood. I wanted to watch with her so I walked towards her but then felt really weird.

Everything went black. I woke up to see her standing over me and my back was against the glass window. She was calling out my name and I finally woke up and asked her what happened. She said I fainted and fell against the window.

I started to have a bad trip and so she helped me into the house and I laid on my bed. She was standing over me and tried helping me get out of the bad trip. Her idea, and it always worked, was to get the mind off of whatever it is you're thinking about. She said that negative thoughts can influence a bad trip so it's best to think of something nice and pleasant. So she started talking to me about this girl I was really into.

All seemed well after that. I never had another experience quite like that ever again. Still weird, though.

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