Happy Birthday Hashirama! One of the goat's!

Giving out tailed beasts without rhyme or reason was dumb but other than that, there really aren't too many examples of him being incompetent.

Giving out the tailed beasts is the only example of anything he did as Hokage. I don't have much else to judge him on.

Unlike Hiruzen, Hashirama was able to see beyond friendship and camaraderie. As he stabbed Madara, he said that he would kill his own brother or his child if they threatened the village.

And what did Hiruzen do once Orochimaru threatened the village? Exactly. He tried to do that same thing.

Orochimaru, on the other hand, was let completely off the hook by Hiruzen

Not the same situation. Hiruzen is dumb and a pussy, but Orochimaru only attacked the village decades later.

I also wouldn't put Danzo in the same category as Tobirama or Shikamaru/Kakashi. Everything Danzo did ended in failure and he caused more harm than good

Not everything. We didn't see it because it wasn't relevant enough, but Root dealt with many of Konoha's rogue ninja and eliminated many criminals. Also, the Uchiha massacre was ultimately the only solution to avoid a civil war, and hence, an invasion from the other villages.

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