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Your thread has been removed. See below for additional information:

Rule: :#5

Threads that belong in a Megathread

The following types of posts are not allowed to be posted individually:

• ⁠Pulls (this includes any kind of post where you describe your pulls) • ⁠Memes • ⁠Fanart, photoshops • ⁠Teambuilding advice requests • ⁠Requests for friend codes • ⁠Shitposts and other low quality content (this includes team posts) • ⁠

However, the above types of posts may be posted in the appropriate megathread:

• ⁠Daily Pulls/Memes/Fan Art Megathread

• ⁠As the name implies, this is where you can show off your pulls, memes, and fan art.

• ⁠Teambuilding Megathread

• ⁠This is where you can seek teambuilding advice, and ask in whom to invest resources such as Elder Kais on and dupe/ability system orbs.

• ⁠Questions Megathread

• ⁠This is where you can ask any non-teambuilding kinds of questions such as "is this unit good," "should I reroll," etc.

• ⁠Looking for friends Megathread

• ⁠This is where you can post your Friend ID and find the Friend IDs of others.

• ⁠Off-Topic Megathread

• ⁠This is where you can post anything that would otherwise violate the Relevance rule.

The subreddit allows Memes and Fan Art to be posted outside of the Daily Pulls/Memes/Fan Art Megathread only on Meme Friday.

Meme Friday begins at 12:00 AM PST every Friday, and it ends at 11:59 PM PST on the same day.

Links to all Weekly Megathreads can be found in the Index on the front page, at the top of the Desktop Page, and under "About this Community" on mobile devices

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