Happy Friday, /r/gradschool! Tell us something GOOD that happened this week!

A project I've been working on for a company basically failed. But! It wasn't our fault, it was the company who promised us a bunch of equipment and parameters that never came through, so we had to guess their parameters and scrounge bargain bins for equipment.

Well, company reps were unhappy but the prof both defended us and layed into them this week. It didn't help that the day of fucking presentation they arrived with some parts.

Oh hey we finally found these injectors you needed to take the data that you're presenting today. Also why isn't your flow rate up to our secret specs that you're not allowed to know?

As a student I'm not allowed to yell at their project managers, but apparently post-docs (who's actually leaving for industry in like, a day) and professors (who have tenure) are.

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