Harbleu says he's got a lot of offers, will definitely be on a team - Contenders or OWL

You're arguing with one of the mods of his chat, go figure. I gotta agree with you to an extent though

Harb is a super entertaining streamer, and I watch him constantly since he's the best streamer broadcasting late nite.

While his Zarya is great for ladder, he was a one-note player during his time with NRG playing Zarya and leading up to OWL. For a long time (we're talkings months and months straight), Harb's only real approach to Zarya was "Rein charge in, get me energy" and then attempting to collapse. Worked great on ladder, but didn't do a thing in an organized environment versus people who knew that was going to be the play.

Harb sometimes seems like he might not be the easiest dude to work with. He's headstrong, he'll insist on doing the same plays that don't work, he'll go for flashy plays rather than playing smart, because on ladder and to an extent back pre-OWL on Complexity especially, he could flank and bully people while gleefully over-extending himself. He still does this on ladder.

Hopefully in an organized environment, he'll have grown beyond his previous approach. We didn't really get to see with him playing D.va on his last outing so much. But Harb's all about Big Dick Plays®, Giving the Busines®, and Sending A Message®, so who knows. I'd still love to see him pull some braindead Flankhog shit in OWL though, as unlikely as that seems.

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