Why is it so hard for me to climb when most people I know can easily reach higher ranks with no formal practice or improvement strategy?

just saying i was at your point years ago. i can tell you a few things.

first nobody ever values the practice that went into reaching a goal. so nobody talks about that. nobody says "oooh it took you 10 years to get challenger? wow so much dedication respect". No. Its the opposite. So people even start lying about it. This is a universal problem. Not just for league.

natural talent doesnt exist. people who seem to learn faster have background experience. most of the time its of course another competitive game, maybe even the same genre. but any practice and learning experience even, or i should say especially at younger age are extremly helpful. something many people dont even know is how to learn. like yes, you need to learn how to learn. i was not blessed with piano or chess lessons as a child. so i actually had to learn how to learn as adult in videogames. and it makes a world difference. and this is not a secret skill that will help you to challenger. this is one (1!) of hundreds of very important skills you need to learn that other people may already have.

if you feel like you are practicing hard but you dont see improvements than your practice is wrong. maybe you dont need to watch youtube guides and streams to get good. maybe you dont need to watch a single vod to get to platin. your mindset may be "but it doesnt hurt, right?" and that can be correct. but that doesnt solve the problem of your bad practice. the point is you need to know what skills you are actually lacking and focus on practicing that.

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