"Hardware Error"? The first three lines. Can anybody help me with what's going on? This is a cheap Asus laptop that has always given me issues. When it ran windows, it would freeze and get very, very hot upon being plugged in, and even freezes badly on ram overload. Fixes? Appreciate ya!

I get those kinds of "machine check" events when my overclocking settings are not good (too low voltage settings). I don't think you can tweak things like voltages on a laptop?

Another thing I learned in my overclocking adventures is, temperatures can influence things. It's harder to get the CPU to run stable if it's running close to its upper temperature limit. Maybe your problem is similar and related to the laptop being hot?

If the temperatures are causing this, first thing to do is thinking about how to clean dust out of the laptop. There should be a Youtube video about this for your laptop model. If you decide to open it up, you could then also replace the thermal paste between the cooler and CPU.

There's a software "thermald" that could be interesting. You can configure a temperature in its config file and it will then throttle the machine to keep it at that temperature.

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