Hardware Numb3rs reports his findings on Ryzen 3000's minimum voltage/frequency curve

Straight from AMD's rep:

" No, 1.325V is NOT THE MAX. This is conjecture by some random person on the internet for 24/7 overclocks. If the chip is running in stock condition, not overclocked, then boost up to 1.5V is completely normal. Please read the detailed brief linked in the PDF.

Discussions of overclocked voltages and stock operation should not be mixed. Users who see random boost up to 1.5V should not go set a static core voltage in response. This is not helpful. It's actually dangerous because it raises the average voltage the chip experiences over a 24H period.

Let me repeat for anyone who might read this in the future: voltages of 0.200V to 1.500V is normal for Ryzen. You will see anything in this range at the desktop. Any application is capable of triggering boost. Mouse input can trigger boost (user input is high-priority!). Your browser can do it. Your game launcher can do it. This is normal behavior. This is what the CPU is designed to do."

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