Harry Potter Vs Vedas


The origins of caste, The Hindu, by Ananya Vajpeyi, Oct-2015

In the Purusha Sukta of the Rig Veda (10:90:1-16), social hierarchy originates together with and at the same moment as the very creation of the world, through the sacrifice of the body of the Primeval Man, Purusha. From the sacrifice of his head come Brahmins; from his arms, Warriors; from his thighs, Freemen; and from his feet, Servants (RV 10:90:12). The cosmogonic hymn that describes how the gods created the cosmos through a sacrificial ritual, occurring in the very earliest text of Sanskrit that is available to us, the Rig Veda, datable in its current form to roughly 1000 BC, naturalizes an unequal social order.

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