Do you think Harvick can finally hit the 3-in-a-row goal has been working for?

You need to examine what the word “clear” means. Nothing that has been posted or presented shows anything that is beyond a shadow of a doubt. I suppose people sitting at home are more apt to seeing aerodynamic tampering then those who are actually at the track... seeing it in person. I’m not in “denial” but I’m not grasping at wild theories or conspiracies to explain why one driver had an advantage over someone else. When JJ dominated... it wasn’t because of cheating. Sometimes people just figure things out. Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one. Just like Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey. Optical illusions and text graphics on a car can play tricks on the eyes.... especially when being viewed from a video camera. But hey... I’m are all these “detectives” know more than the folks at NASCAR or who saw it run all week on the track. Guess he cheated at Atlanta too.

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