Hashtag downtown at night

If you're new here and not acquainted with why one might see all the seat cushions on u/BARTmedia pulled up here's what's going on: people pull up the seat cushions looking to hide or retrieve drugs. It's not new behavior, but I can't think of the last time I've seen all the seats pulled up like this.

I got on at 12th St this morning, off at Embarcadero. By the time I'd taken this picture two groups of people had already wandered through lifting up all the other seat cushions looking for things to sell. By the time I'd gotten off at Embarcadero I'd been offered weed, meth, coke, and a couple of different bicycles.

On my way to the exit at Embarcadero I took a look around to see if there was a station agent. Turns out at 1 AM, they've got some fat white guy posing as a u/BARTMedia station agent. He was pretty helpful and repeatedly shouted that the exit is THAT WAY. Asking him to give BART PD a heads up that the bike vending customers were also smoking meth on the train was probably not the best move I've made. I got that classic glazed eye look and a "nah I don't need to see your picture of course I know what you're talking about I work here, the exit is THAT WAY."

Can't say that I've remember the last time that downtown Market look quite as much like a favela as it did tonight. It looks worse than it did when they dispersed all the homeless encampments to make room for the superbowl. Fingers crossed nobody's actually going to reenact Taxi Driver.

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