I hate Anita Sarkeesian but I like Feminist Frequency

I first of all have to emphatically state that the hate directed towards her was definitely overblown. But yeah, she's honestly a problematic mascot for "video game feminism."

Her boyfriend Jonathan Macintosh is like a shitty version of Roger Stone for nerd media and I'm pretty sure he is/was behind a lot of her content. She is often very disingenuous and ignores many of the times that women are positively portrayed in media. She also conveniently glosses over the simple fact that historically speaking, video-games were "invented"/created by males. The "historic" part is important because the medium is absurdly young. It is literally the youngest "mainstream" entertainment medium that exists (movies, TV show, music, etc). People tend to create media that speaks to themselves. So who is surprised that the games...created by males...are targeted to...and consumed predominately by males?

Considering how much money and coverage she received, the actual content she produced was thoroughly mediocre and underwhelming in quantity. She clearly spent a disturbingly low percentage of her Kickstarter money on her actual videos.

inb4, **"BUT UR A WHITE MAAAALLEEE"...nahh I'm not even close.

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