I hate being a woman with a car

This is very true. My mum has been going to the same mechanic for the last 20 years. My dad was always the one to deal with anything at the mechanic (despite that my mum knew more about their car than my dad) because my dad was for 1. A man so he wouldn’t get screwed over and 2. Looked scary as hell so no one would dare rip him off. Now my dad passed away and we just found out from another mechanic that our long standing mechanic has been scamming my mum thousands of dollars out of pocket over the last couple of years since my dad has been gone by telling my mum our little sedan needed a “major service” vs a “minor service” (this is a regular thing for our family van). Turns out there no such thing as a major service for the little sedan and a quick google search now tells us that we should have been paying at most $400AUD instead of $800+. The audacity of the man! And he knew my dad past away and he still chose to scam a grieving widow and 9 kids!

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