I hate to contribute to hate that's prevalent in this sub, however...

However we both feel alienated by the left-ish parties on account of their zeal to bring in large numbers of refugees that will be in direct competition for jobs our hopeful family needs to get our feet underneath us.

I can understand how this is pretty scary since it's your livelihood that is at stake, but the conservatives worked their asses off to get this exact reaction from people like you for their own benefits, so you either vote for them or stay at home, there are jobs created constantly and they won't necessarily compete for the jobs you want but most likely you will work with them, but also I live at the other side of the country and I'm rather young so take what I say with a grain of salt, also I became a member of the NDP because they proposed policies at the federal level that have been in place for decades in my province which helped lift a lot of people out of poverty over the years and made live easier and made society more productive(like childcare and pharmacare), anyway best of luck to both of you.

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