I hate US cops

Nah i gave u the same energy and respect u gave me. Didn’t lose my cool at all. Gotta use your fists for that with me not words. You’d be displeased to know I do not in fact own an Xbox,and I don’t have any sort of corn in the house to suck on. Idk if that’s your fetish but I personally do not suck on anything,nor does any male that I know. U commented on my post,if u weren’t expecting a reaction then u needa get yourself checked. U the one who’s triggered,you somewhere in your house rn crying and downvoting my replies. U a 3 year Reddit vet,maybe u should go get u some pussy to keep u occupied,believe me it’s much more enjoyable than trolling on the internet. But I guess there’s a reason u here,it’s cos no woman will look your way without puking her guts out. Get off my dick and find your next post to troll on now little boy.

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