A hate crime? Ok, Boomer

That's not a hate crime. And not all boomers think that.

But just letting you guys know that saying "ok boomer" on every post, and every comment and for every response is hurting reddit. Not boomers. Boomers don't even think they're getting the attention anymore. Now it's reddit that's like "I have a reasonable opinion" and it's like "ok boomer". Like goddamn, is this where we're at now? What the fuck.

Conversations go like this now:

A: Opinion

B: ok boomer

A: Confused Response

B: ok boomer

A: Reasonable Response

B: ok boomer

A: Irritated Response

And he's not even a boomer and his opinion wasn't insulting or shitty. You've turned shitty, Reddit. Into a bunch of brats. And those words came from a 16 year old. You're acting like a bunch of shitty brats to your own family. What happened to regular conversation?

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