Hate crime reports in US surge to the highest level in 12 years, FBI says

You know what else should be called out?

No one talks about how almost every asian is racist and considers black/arab/dark skinned people as not even human. They have a cuss calling white people ‘barbarians’.

Interesting no one talks about how when you go to china and u speak in english, they will ask u to speak ‘huma’ bc it is natural for them to believe that they are superior in every way possible. Brainwashed to believe that everything else is not on par with them.

Interesting to talk that when in the olden days, they were mocked at for eating wildlife no one gave a shit because it is the truth. Now every1 asks to shut up bcz ur racis for calling them out eating dogs and shir. Rest of the world has to suffer bcz of that.

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