I hate everything about my self till this point, how can I change from now on?

for now, take a shower, have a nice meal and do something else you really enjoy doing, playing video games, reading, whatever.

before i get into it you need to actually make sure to put in effort and not just sit around waiting for things to change on their own, because they won’t. it’s going to be a long, tough road but you’ll get there eventually.

try to do at least one productive thing a day, so you don’t feel like you’re wasting away and that your days and actions have value.

your environment affects how you function way more than you think so keep your apartment clean and tidy, dress nicely and take good care of your hygiene. Also, cut toxic friends and negative people out of your life.

exercise, eat healthier food and cook your own meals (this is the hardest thing to get used to but it’s the most important)

and finally, try to instead of self deprecating every time you look at yourself, to say one thing you like about yourself, one thing you dislike and start working on changing the thing you dislike. I did this for a while and it can be uncomfortable at first and you might have difficulty finding things to say but it helps tremendously

it’s going to be difficult to incorporate all of these into your daily routine right away so don’t feel bad if you don’t. it’s a long journey and it’s going to take some time to improve

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