The hate for Mayweather is unreal

easy to hate Mayweather based on his media portrayal

Floyd calculates everything about his persona and how he is portrayed to the boxing public and the media. Everything you see is planned by him. He might have trouble with classical knowledge but hes really fucking smart. He's a Machiavellian type figure. His real talent is outside the ring when it comes to promoting himself and positioning himself in the politics, media, etc. People like to ignore the fact that mayweather is a political genius. He knows exactly what he is doing when in the public eye and encourages all the hate he receives. People won't be talking much about how great of a boxer floyd was 100 years from now because, honestly, even if it's masterful, its pretty fucking boring. What they will be talking about is how he played the system, the public, his fans, his enemys, everyone. His legacy is built on his political strategies. His boxing ability simply enables him to capitalize on his intellect in promotion and politics. People seem to forget the real miracle of all of his recent fights is the fact that he pulls the blinds over seasoned boxing fans to believe his opponents put him in real danger. I think for once he really is in real danger inside that ring. However, he has positioned himself with so much careful calculation and planning over the years running up to this fight, to make his chances to win this specific fight, against his biggest rival, the very best possible. He thinks about legacy constantly. Fighting pacquiao, right now, when he is at his weakest and most vulnerable, whilst convincing not just the general public, but the boxing public, that pacquiao is dangerous, has been the most quintessential indicator of his promotional and political brilliance. We should all marvel at the fact that even the most educated among us waver in thought when we try to predict the outcome of this fight. I'm not underselling mannys ability at all. He could definitely win this fight, but it's way more in floyd's favor than anyone really knows and that is all the doing of floyd through planning. We fall for an illusion cast over us by floyd every single fight. For this fight however the danger isn't an illusion. This fight couldn't have come at a better time for floyd and he knows it. If manny wins this fight he for sure be one of the greatest of all time.

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