I hate having to turn down a guy by telling him a have a boyfriend. It makes it sound like I'd consider it if I didn't have a boyfriend.

LOL - feminist does not equal feminazi and that gives real feminists a bad name. You say feminist like it's an insult.

I am sorry - I do not bash men as a whole. I am however bashing you directly - your whole women are asking for it, they prey on men, if they go to clubs they are uneducated and aren't focused on their careers.

And you're right you probably would be as successful as you are without a wonderful partner by your side (that goes for anyone in a relationship - male or female). But guaranteed is she wanted to do something and became way more successful than you - you would have a meltdown because it wouldn't correlate with your views on the roles that each gender have - you're self worth would crumble.

Right now you worship the ground she walks on because she perfectly plays the role that you want her to play - let's see how that goes if she decided she wanted more.

Imagine suddenly she wasn't fulfilled being the stay at home mom. Imagine she had a wonderful business idea - and you jokingly supported it. But imagine that idea became a passion and huge success and suddenly she was making multiple times more than you and her working on that was what was best for the family - and you staying home was the right move. How would you feel about it then?

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