I hate my life right now as an American.

It's more likely you doctor is just saying that so that they can get money. There's a news channel that reported several hospitals that hired citizens to get "tested positive" and it showed a video with one of their undercover as one of the citizens that got hired. If covid-19 is that deadly, India would be in a severe state right now because of their poor medical and that they live in a packed society. No news never ever mentioned about these states that have poor health/medical care or that they are live so close, they would be the TOP of the news, U.S have way better health care and shouldn't be in such peril. I believe every business, hospital, celebrity are all in it for the money because why not? Money is everything basically. They already have the cure for covid-18, so just a simple chemistry here and there they'll be done within less then a month.


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