I hate the new usage of non-gendered pronouns they/them

If burying my head in the sand keeps my children safe, then I’ll gladly admit it. I have a right to share my opinion, and I’m not obligated to change my mind just because information is being presented to me. I’d rather not take the risk in letting any more of my family suffer, and the words of someone with the same condition as the monster who hurt my family will do nothing to reassure me. I may have said I support the idea of pedophiles seeking help, but that doesn’t mean I trust any of them. If you found out your grandfather, a man you looked up to, a man you couldn’t wait to visit, a man who you saw as the kindest person in the world, turned out to be a monster, a worthless excuse of a human being, would you have the same views you have today? Could you look me in the eye and seriously say you’d trust one of them to control themselves? Would you even give one the time of day if they came up to you and said “what you’re feeling is based on a myth, I bet he wasn’t even a pedophile”? I’m curious.

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