Why do you hate the people that you hate?

My nan. (My dad's mum)

Starting small. My nan, always preferred my cousin. She would travelling hours to see him. We lived about a ten minute driveaway, and she never visited us. Occasionally, she would drop stuff around ours and would always say (at the door) "I can't stop." before shooting off. When we visited her she would go on about my cousin, blah blah blah. When it came to gifts, she always got him better stuff, one year she got my brother an open bottle of talcum power. (We think she forgot about him - there is five of us)

I didn't know my grandad growing up, my nan would never speak highly of him. She would tell us he wanted nothing to do us. Her, and my dad, always said they sent him Christmas cards from us and never got a reply. When my eldest brother was in his late teens he wanted to meet his grandad. My nan was said something along the lines of "If I gave you his address, he would slam the door in your face. He wants nothing to do with you." - Anyway, when I was 19 my dad had a heart attack and was in a coma. Though they hadn't spoken in over 25 years, my mum tracked him down on Facebook and messaged him to let him know what happened. I met my granddad for the first time at my dad's funeral. Turns out he didn't know that I, or one of my brothers and my sister existed. My nan never had his details. If you're wondering why he was never it touch, my nan and dad forged a letter from my mum telling my grandad that she wanted nothing to do with him. And my grandad respected that, and kept his distance. I have read that letter.

My parents were separated and before he died I was living with him. My brother came to stay after he died while we sorted everything out. One time when we were out, my nan came in stole and destroyed my dad phone and will. She also told me that if we didn't move out she would give the keys to a bunch of men.

Annoyed that we changed the locks, she spread a rumour that my brother, who was 23 at time, wasn't from my dad but my grandad. (again, who hasn't been around for over 25 years)

I know there is a lot more that took place, but I've honestly can't remember most of it. A lot took place in about two months.

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