I hate "plant/dog/cat parents"

It’s cringe to me as a parent of human children. Dogs are a pain in the ass but in no way remotely equivalent to children. Cats are easy as fuck. I can leave them home alone for DAYS with a food dispenser, water, and the litter robot takes care of the rest. Try that with a human child and CPS is taking your children away. Also, I didn’t carry my cats for 9 months or need a c section to give birth to them.

I cringe at the reference of being a mom to anything other than human children. But also, I get why people sometimes do this. I know people with fertility issues who call themselves a dog mom. Of course, I’ve never asked if that’s why they call themselves that. But I also have friends who have human children who call themselves a dog mom. Ifs funny, I just realized we don’t hear “dog dad” much. Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Anyway, long story short, yes, it’s cringy to me as a human mom but I wouldn’t say that to them. I think the reason why it’s so cringe to human moms is because we don’t get enough recognition for what it takes to raise a child. So the fact it’s cringy to us is likely saying more about us than it is them.

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