I hate to post this but I'm realizing that too many Americans really are not ready for a woman being president after all.

I think the best way to handle solar production is to keep it more or less around Yuma. As I mentioned earlier, it is the sunniest place on Earth, with an average of 11 unobscured hours of sunlight per day, every day of the year, because of cloud-level wind currents off of the surrounding mountains. There is usually less than three or four inches of rainfall each year (2007 was the driest, at .15 inch the entire year).

Just as long as they don't create a threat to our natural wildlife, some of which is threatened or endangered, I think solar farms should take as much space as needed. The projections for what a fraction of our state's land could create in solar energy are incredible, and there's nowhere better for it than Yuma. The only pushback I could predict would be from farms in the area, as it's a hugely ag-driven local economy (if you're eating lettuce, fennel, or other leafy greens at this time of year, it probably came from Yuma farms).

I would worry about the ecological impact, but let's be real, here: if this ever happens, it'll be the doing of democrats, so it'll almost certainly take environmental conservation into account.

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